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20 Cars From The Past That
16 Oct 2019
Ask any 90s kids, what was the first car their family owned?
Most of them would answer Maruti 8...
Dual screen nubia Z20 now available globally
15 Oct 2019

Unveiled back in August and on sale in China since then, the nubia Z20 is now officially available for purchase internationally. The d...

Chrome Now Let
11 Oct 2019
Google is testing the ability to send phone numbers from Chrome on your PC to your Android device.
India’s cheapest electric car launched! Tigor EV with 213 km range priced under Rs 10 lakh
10 Oct 2019
The previous iteration of the Tata Tigor Electric offered a range of just 142 km on a single charge. The new version, in addition to...
Instagram Will Remove the Following Activity Tab on Instagram.
09 Oct 2019

Instagram's head Adam Mosseri confirmed in a tweet today that the 'Following' activity tab was being removed from the app....

Essential founder Andy Rubin shows tall and narrow upcoming phone with color shifting back
09 Oct 2019

One of the key features of the Android world has always been crazy experimentation with form factors. For a while not so long ago that...

8 Legendary Rare Cars That We Are Sure Money Alone Won
09 Oct 2019

While the modern marvels of hybrid engineering and high-octane racing performance come at their own stratospheric heights of bank bala...

15 Of The Most Iconic Phones From The Past That You Knew You Wanted Way Back Then
09 Oct 2019

In today's world, out of all the gadgets that we use in our day to day life, smartphones are one of the most essential pieces of t...

Google Offers New Tools To Delete Your Data Across Google Maps, YouTube, And Google Assistant
04 Oct 2019

Google today announced a number of privacy tools for its users, built for a few of its most-used products, including Maps, YouTube, an...

Just a GIF: That’s all it took to hack your WhatsApp messages, files
04 Oct 2019

WhatsApp users may have been targeted by hackers through malicious GIFs. This bug let hackers gain access to user’s data on the ...

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